• Use the quick reference load charts or the main load charts to determine a suitable load bar size and series to suit your requirements. Eg- 255/1 or 325/2 etc...
  • Designate at the end of  the code with an S if you require a Serrated surface, no designation will be assume a Plain surface.
  • Designate that you require Aluminium grating by referencing A=Aluminium grating
  • Designate the finish / treatment you require;
    • M= Mill finish
    • A= Anodised finish (specify to what thickness)
    • P= Powder coated finish
  • Specify the size of the area or panel sizes(s) for the grating you require along with the load bar direction (span)
  • Specify any additional information we need to know for example if there are cut outs or penetrations in the grating, do we need to split cut outs between panels for installation, is kick plate required, are the grates banded or cut to size only etc...


253/1 AM = 25x3mm plain load bars (series 1 grating, load bars at 30mm centres, cross bars at 100mm centres), Aluminium, Mill finish

255/2S AA = 25x5mm serrated load bars (series 2, load bars at 40mm centres, cross bars at 100mm centres) Aluminium, Anodised finish.