This chart indicates the dimensions of each grating type to the nearest load bar for series 1,2 & 3 grating and the nearest full square for FRP grating.

*Please note spacings for series 1,2 & 3 are for 5mm thick load bars.  For 3mm bars minus 2mm of each spacing. Eg- for series 1 grating 9 bars = 243mm, 21 bars = 603mm.

*FRP grating load bar centres are 38.1mm


1. Load Bar- The flat bar standing on its edge that carries the load.

2. Cross Bar- The twisted rod or flat bar fixed at 90° to the load bars. The cross bars hold the load bars together.

3. Banded / Banding- this is the process of welding a trim bar around the cut edges of the grating.

4. Span- This is the overall length of the grate measured parallel to the load bar ie: the load bar length

5. Width- This is the overall width of the panel or landing measured at 90° to the load bar.

6. Serrations- Notches taken out of the top of the load bar to enhance skid resistance.

7. Nosing- A member on the front edge of the stair tread or landing grate to help create definition and enhance skid resistance.

8. Kick plate- Typically in the form of a large flat bar welded to the edge of the grating or mounted to the stanchion post. AS1657 requires minimum 100mm above the walking surface.

9. Cut outs- Areas of flooring removed to permit passage for plant, structural members or stanchion posts etc.