Galvanised Fixing Clips

Steel Grating Ltd provides a universal fixing clip designed to suit our series 1, series 2 and series 3 Mild Steel grating options with the load bar sizes from 20mm up to 50mm. These clips comprise of a top "M"clip designed to saddle over the top of the grating and a bottom "J"clip that when applicable is designed to fasten the underside of the grating to the support. The bottom clip captivates the nut meaning that fastening the grating to the supports can be done from the top side of the grating for ease of installation

* 4 fixing clips per m2 is recommended with additional clips to be used on longer grates where the grating sits on top of the supports at the intermediate spans.

* Minimum 4 clips per panel is recommended.

* In areas of lateral load movement or vibration fixing clips are not generally recommended.



Welding grating to the supporting structure is deemed a suitable process for permanently installed grating or in areas of vibration and lateral load movement. Steel Grating recommends a 25mm long, 6mm fillet weld at 1000mm centres. Minimum number of welds per panel is 4.


Fixing lugs can be provided on grates if necessary. This comprises of a flat bar welded between the load bars with a hole drilled in it. The fixing lug is usually located flush with the bottom side of the grating and the centres of the holes for the fixing lugs are determined by the spacing's of the load bars.


Minimum Support Dimension

* A minimum support of 25mm for grating up to 50mm deep.

* A minimum support of 50mm for 50mm and 65mm deep grating

* It is generally recommended that the minimum grating support should be equal to the height of the grating load bar.


Recommended Clearances

* 5mm (min) to 10mm (max) spacing between grates.

* 10mm clearance of grating from the edge of a wall or end of a support

* When grating sits in an angle minimum recommended clearance each side is equal to the thickness of the angle.



FRP Grating Fixing Clips

Stainless steel "M" Clips:
M clips are designed to clamp two of the FRP grating load bars to the supporting member. This provides excellent holding capacity as it restrains movement in both directions. "M" clips are available for both Standard and Minimesh grating.

Stainless steel "C" Clips:

C Clips are designed to hold two grating panels together to minimise differential deflections when their joints fall between supports. The lower nut is secured to the bottom of the clips so these can be installed from the top side of the grating. C clips are available for standard mesh grating only and are designed for 25mm and 38mm thick FRP grating.

* The recommended minimum support for FRP grating is 40mm