Steel Grating Ltd is a leading manufacturer of grating products and accessories in New Zealand. A wholly New Zealand family owned and operated company that has been servicing the construction industry for over 20 years. 

Based in Christchurch, our products are supplied throughout New Zealand along with projects into the Pacific Islands. Clients both existing and new choose to deal with us because of our superior turnaround, quality of products, competitive pricing and customer service.
We manufacture and supply a variety of economical and practical products for commercial and industrial buildings, the automotive and assembly industries, oil, gas, mining and dairy installations, generating plants, processing plants and maintenance and service walkways, ramps and stairs.
Through our robust design and spanning capabilities in our mild steel grating, aluminium grating and FRP grating products, along with our ball stanchion safety rail system to compliment these, our products are able to satisfy the needs of our clients and their requirements time and time again.
Steel Grating Ltd products are designed and manufactured to the relevant New Zealand and international standards associated within our industry. To compliment this we have strict quality control and assurance procedures to ensure our work is supplied to the highest standards.
We are dedicated to ensuring every job is completed on time and to your complete satisfaction. This is achieved by having specific tooling and machinery specific for the grating industry, strict quality control procedures and qualified, dedicated staff that ensure each individual component of each job is completed precisely to what is required.